-medium-sized dog - sturdy, strong and noble
- characteristic head - slightly arched skull
- powerful chin
- very sharply marked stop
- short, deep, broad nasal bridge
- the lower jaw extents beyond the upper and is sligtly curved upwards-
- eyes: dark brown, neither too small nor are they protuding or deep set
- ears: uncropped, set wide apart at the highest points at the sides of the skull
- tail: undocked
- coat: short, glossy and close fitting
- colours: fawn or brindle - occasionally white marks
- hight of shoulder: dogs 59 - 63 centimetres
bitches 53 - 59 cm
- weight: about 30 kilos

-happy and friendly, very fond of children, lively, does not bark much

Other breeds have pronounced specialized talents...hunting, herding, trailing, and so on... but for a combination of the outstanding virtues of many with the faults of a few, our Boxer ist the most gifted of Canines. For the man, woman or child, who wants an allround dog, he has no equal. No other dog is more individual in appearance, more keenly intelligent or sanely even-tempered. He seems to offer something special to each person he meets....

-origin: East Europe
The breed came to Germany by the Kimberer via the migration of the peoples. The Teutons and the Saxons used them for hunting and fighting. Later the breed was crossed with the English bulldog and the result was the Boxer of today.