All our puppies are born in our house - that is fine for their mother.

We can keep an eye on mother and puppies, because we are around day and night and that gives self-assurance and strength to their mummy. Because of health care the puppies should not have any visitors during the first two weeks so that they are prevented from catching any infection. After three weeks they are able to see and to hear and they seek the contact to human beings. This is the right time to choose your puppy. While growing up, our puppies have their own "kindergarden" and a "bedroom" as well. They also learn what to do and what to leave.

To get accustomed to noises we switch on the radio during the day.

Pfffff....just have a break! ????

A web-cam is also installed so that we can watch them all the time.

    To obtain a social family life we play with them for a while every day. Each of our puppies gets so a special social feeling and a good character, too.

When time comes to leave us, we are certainly with the new owners with any information they wish. We care - even when they have left our kennel.

NB We will certainly supply the new owners with all important documents; such as health certificate, dog's passport and the pedigree; etc.

Our puppies are examined by a Vet after 6 weeks.